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Airlock-24 by Guy Zimmerman

After the success of Blackouts, written and directed by Murray Mednick, Padua is proud to announce our second venture into the new world of hybrid online theatre work with Airlock-24, a sci-fi noir written by Guy Zimmerman, and directed by Scarlett Kim. Developed in Padua’s ongoing workshop, PaduaLab, Airlock-24begins outside the International Space Station when an astronaut refuses to return after a space walk. Exploring the idea of the Earth as a fragile airlock surrounded by nonliving expanse of outer space, Airlock-24 tracks the crisis as it unfolds between this astronaut (Paul Turbiak), a Russian cosmonaut (Andrea LeBlanc), and his estranged wife in ground control (Cordelia Istel). “The panoramic scope and the raw, primary emotions of these characters remind me of opera,” says Zimmerman.

The layered video design by Alexander Grover composites live feed video with archival footage creating a visual algorithm delineating and muddying the boundaries of these three different spheres of existence, and how performance figures in each. Original music by Anthony Storniolo evokes film noir and psychedelic rock through a lush blend of vibraphone, accordion and digital synths.

“This is an experiment in finding new relationships between physical and virtual spaces,” says Kim. “We are exploring the interdependence of systems—the brain as a neural space, space suit as ecosystem, love triangle as a landscape, memory spaces, and Earth and outer space as metaphors for the stage in this new medium of online theatre.” Kim conveys the elastic scale of these worlds by generating surprising alignments and disjunctions. Her work here is bold and adventurous—not-to-be-missed!

Produced by Gabrieal Griego and supported by a remarkable cast—in addition to Turbiak, LeBlanc and Istel including AJ Delaire, Briġid Gallaġher, Peter Mark and Daniel David Stewart. Production and video design by Alexander Grover and music by Anthony Storniolo, Airlock-24 breaks exciting new ground in online theatre arts.

Airlock-24 will premiere online on Friday, June 26th at 8pm (PDT), with subsequent performances on Saturday June 27th at 8pm (PDT), and a matinee performance on Sunday, June 28th at 3 pm (PDT).

We believe that no one should be denied access to the arts due to lack of funds.
Therefore all tickets to Airlock-24 are Pay What You Will.
We also believe in paying our artists for their work.
If you can, please help us achieve this with a generous donation at the box-office.

You may secure your link to any of our three performances here:

AIRLOCK-24 tickets

Help keep L.A. theatre arts alive, and experience for yourself exciting new work in this compelling new medium!

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Blackouts by Murray Mednick, live streaming

We are excited to announce a limited series of livestream performances of Blackouts, a new play written and directed by acclaimed playwright Murray Mednick. Celebrated for his ground-breaking work in the avant-garde, and for the poetic quality of his street-wise dialogue, in BlackoutsMednick applies his skills to the beginnings of the Covid-19 crisis. In a series of trenchant scenes, the play tracks the ordeals of a patient (Maurice) admitted to a private hospital — where he encounters stressed-out doctors, conniving staff, sharp-tongued nurses, and a host of hallucinatory visitations — Maurice finds solace in speech as he descends into a drug-addled haze. Threading through the turmoil and invective are Mednick’s signature flights of hard-edged lyricism, and flashes of insight about the state of things in the U. S. of A.

With celebrated theatre actor Tony Abatemarco in the leading role, and a cast of L.A.’s finest stage actors, including Youssif Kamal, Christopher Rivas, Shyla Lefner and Jon Gentry,Blackoutsis cutting-edge new work for a world turned upside down. Please join us!

Because we know how challenging it is to stay online for more than an hour, we have divided Blackoutsinto two parts, each 50 minutes long. Part 1 of Blackoutswill premier online on Friday, June 5th at 8 pm, with subsequent performances on Saturday June 6th(8 pm), and a matinee performance on Sunday, June 7th(3 pm). Part 2 of Blackoutswill premier the following Friday, June 12th(8 pm), and play also on Saturday, June 13th(8 pm) and Sunday, June 14th(3 pm).

Tickets to both Parts 1 and 2 of Blackouts are only 12.50$, available now at:


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DOUBLE DOUBLE – A Meditation on Macbeth

Macbeth didn’t die on the battlefield of Dunsinane — he entered witness protection and was relocated to 1950s Los Angeles to sell insurance. 

Double Double collides Macbeth with the classic film noir Double Indemnity, delivering mind-bending musical mayhem, Macbeth in a fedora, king-killings galore, honey’d hams, red hots, and three dancing witches of Stanwyck…!  

Written by Guy Zimmerman
Directed by Juli Crockett
Produced by Gabrieal Griego

Shaughn Buchholz
Jenny Greer
Isabella Boose
Henita Telo

Music by Michael Feldman
Set Designer Melissa Ficociello
Lighting Designer Bri Pattillo
Choreographer Jessica Emmanuel
Stage Manager Amanda Garcia


Preview: Thursday, 1/17 at 8p
Performances: 1/18 – 1/27
Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm
Sundays at 7 pm

Preview – $12
Performances – $25

Ticketing –

Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles
1238 W 1st St, 
Los Angeles, CA 90026

***PARKING NOTE***There is street parking (free) around the theater and a couple of parking lots (paid) one block east of The Shakespeare Center on Beaudry Ave. between 1st and 2nd.

It is strongly suggested to leave plenty of time to find parking. Or consider utilizing a rideshare app, such as Lyft.


Jack Benny @ The Hollywood Fringe Festival

The ENCORE! Producers’ Award Winner
100% SWEET Audience Award Winner
PLATINUM 6 Award Winner

Join us at The 3 Clubs for our latest cogitation of Jack Benny (A Ménage En Train)

We demonstrate an “impossible play,” an automaton, frustrating the desires for union, resolution, and cleanliness with an endless loop, with an analysis of performance while performing, archaeological and forensic. The actors have developed an attitude that performance is not a thing which one does, but is done upon one… performance as obligation, text as a set of confines, blocking as predictive behavior, repetition as torment and joy, with dissociation of text and meaning, riddles for the audience to puzzle, a lack of completion offering the openness of collaboration, frustrating the desires for union and resolution by an endless loop

The lyric substance embraces obscurity — poets have no difficulty with that. We make darkness visible. Our mode, suggested partly by the work of proto-surrealists, is to affect a granular experience of what we need at large scale: the line of escape.

Directed by Juli Crockett
Created by Juli Crockett, Gray Palmer, & Guy Zimmerman
Produced by Gabrieal Griego & Guy Zimmerman

Shaughn Buchholz as A
Gray Palmer as B
Jenny Greer as C
Juli Crockett as D
Brian Tichnell as Strange/Wildcard

Sound Design by John Zalewski
Lighting Design by Bri Pattillo

Show times/tickets:


PaduaLab Events

Padua Playwrights presents an Arts Common event at MorYork Gallery in Highland Park, involving a live and recorded presentation of the avant-garde theatre piece Jack Benny and a reading of Double Double: Macbeth In Angel City, amid the Clare Graham’s unique creative environment.
$10 Suggested donation @ the door, to benefit PaduaLab productions.
Jack Benny
Created by Juli Crocket, Gray Palmer, & Guy Zimmerman
Directed by Juli Crockett
Produced by Gabrieal Griego & Guy Zimmerman
Starring Shaughn Buchholz, Juli Crockett, Jenny Greer, Gray Palmer, & Brian Tichnell
Sound Designed by John Zalewski

Double Double: Macbeth in Angel City
Written by Guy Zimmerman
Adapted for the stage and directed by Juli Crockett
Produced by Gabrieal Griego & Guy Zimmerman
Starring Shaughn Buchholz, Jenny Greer, Henita Telo, Isabella Boose, and Max Udell