The Royal

The Royal Synopsis
The Royal is the story of a leap of faith that plays itself out within the familiar narrative motifs of the international spy thriller. Set in a single room in an upscale  resort in the desert outside of Los Angeles, the three characters enact an intricate minuet of betrayal and terror as a plot to poison local water sources reveals its links to love and obsession. Rooted in the darker corners of contemporary America, The Royal skirts the boundary between gritty realism and romance to tell a familiar story of ordinary people caught up in an extraordinary process of change and renewal.

The Royal

Cast & Crew

Guy Zimmerman - Playwright/Producer/Director
Paul Koslo - Co-Producer
Gabrieal Griego - Co-Director
Stage Manager - Julio Rodriguez
Props/Production Assistant - Jen Bendik
Large Set Photography – Jeffrey Atherton
Derrick McDaniel - Lighting Designer

Christian Levatino - Alex
Anna Khaja - Anna
Jan Munroe - Morgan

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