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Fever Dreams: Recent Work From Padua

Fever Dreams: Recent Work From PaduaFever Dreams: Recent Work From Padua
Introduction by Guy Zimmerman

Resurrected in 2001 by artistic director Guy Zimmerman, Padua offers ten superb plays including work from the last nine seasons, 2001 through 2010. Included in the anthology:

Sissy Boyd – Liddy
Hank Bunker – The Interview
Heidi Darchuk – Hotel Bardo(t)
Murray Mednick – Clown Show for Bruno and Destruction of the 4th World
John Steppling – Phantom Luck and Spanish Angel
Sharon Yablon – The Empty Bed
Rita Valencia – A New World War
Guy Zimmerman – Head Trader and The Inside Job

“If Hollywood movies present to the world a picture of Los Angeles – of America, even — then the Padua playwrights (many of them working in television and film) present an anti-picture. They are a collective of wordsmiths who represent one of the city’s most authentic, legitimate theater voices…The Padua playwrights embody a true voice of L.A., as Steppenwolf embodies a voice of Chicago. The mythology Padua conjures, as a group, starts with Los Angeles as an emblem of vanity, hubris and celebrity. The invariable comedy comes, of course, from L.A.’s larger context in the scorching, blinding Mojave Desert, a no-man’s land with a grandeur that belittles would-be kings and actors with equally ferocious apathy.”

-Steven Leigh Morris, Theater Editor, LA Weekly

“Intense, language-based work that gives more weight to words than situation or plot.”

Padua Playwrights Press

Distributed by Theatre Communications Group, New York
ISBN 0-9630126-9-X