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The Coyote Cycle, a Premiere

We are thrilled to announce the July 30th, 4:00 PM online premiere of our new documentary film, The Coyote Cycle. This feature-length film provides an in depth look at the seminal theater production (1978-1985) by Padua’s founder, the playwright and director Murray Mednick.

We invite you to book your tickets to this premiere today by making a $25 donation here:–2/x/2682414#/

Created by Guy Zimmerman and Bradford L. Cooper, The Coyote Cycle features a narration by Ed Harris, interviews and performances by the initial cast of the plays, Darrell Larson and Norbert Weisser, along with Priscilla Cohen and Christine Avila, interviews with Peter Stathis and A. Martinez, and a performance from Medick’s The Gary Plays (2010) cycle by John Diehl. The film gives these artists some of the attention their work deserves.

Far more than an archival project, The Coyote Cycle delves into the history of the Off-Off Broadway movement and Theatre Genesis, in addition to covering the birth of the Padua Hills Playwrights Workshop/Festival in Los Angeles. As such the film celebrates the work of a large and diffuse community of important theater artists associated with the festival, such as Maria Irene Fornes, Sam Shepard, John O’Keefe and John Steppling, Marlane Meyer, Leon Martel and Julie Hebert.

In the film Murray and his cast delve into the formal investigations that fueled this groundbreaking theater project, as well as Murray’s relationship with important indigenous activists such as Leonard Crow Dog, who embraced the project as a way to draw attention in the culture at large to the Hopi prophecy of environmental destruction and collapse. Prophetic and profound, the film brings us back in time to draw inspiration from a more hopeful cultural moment. Come join us in celebrating the positive energies of revolution and renewal by booking a ticket here with a 20 dollar donation:

With help from art and theater lovers like you, our goal is to raise $11,000 to pay for final finishing costs of the film, accounting and legal expenses, film festival submissions, and professional film distribution costs.

We need to get this film out there!