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Blackouts by Murray Mednick, live streaming

We are excited to announce a limited series of livestream performances of Blackouts, a new play written and directed by acclaimed playwright Murray Mednick. Celebrated for his ground-breaking work in the avant-garde, and for the poetic quality of his street-wise dialogue, in BlackoutsMednick applies his skills to the beginnings of the Covid-19 crisis. In a series of trenchant scenes, the play tracks the ordeals of a patient (Maurice) admitted to a private hospital — where he encounters stressed-out doctors, conniving staff, sharp-tongued nurses, and a host of hallucinatory visitations — Maurice finds solace in speech as he descends into a drug-addled haze. Threading through the turmoil and invective are Mednick’s signature flights of hard-edged lyricism, and flashes of insight about the state of things in the U. S. of A.

With celebrated theatre actor Tony Abatemarco in the leading role, and a cast of L.A.’s finest stage actors, including Youssif Kamal, Christopher Rivas, Shyla Lefner and Jon Gentry,Blackoutsis cutting-edge new work for a world turned upside down. Please join us!

Because we know how challenging it is to stay online for more than an hour, we have divided Blackoutsinto two parts, each 50 minutes long. Part 1 of Blackoutswill premier online on Friday, June 5th at 8 pm, with subsequent performances on Saturday June 6th(8 pm), and a matinee performance on Sunday, June 7th(3 pm). Part 2 of Blackoutswill premier the following Friday, June 12th(8 pm), and play also on Saturday, June 13th(8 pm) and Sunday, June 14th(3 pm).

Tickets to both Parts 1 and 2 of Blackouts are only 12.50$, available now at: