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DOUBLE DOUBLE – A Meditation on Macbeth

Macbeth didn’t die on the battlefield of Dunsinane — he entered witness protection and was relocated to 1950s Los Angeles to sell insurance. 

Double Double collides Macbeth with the classic film noir Double Indemnity, delivering mind-bending musical mayhem, Macbeth in a fedora, king-killings galore, honey’d hams, red hots, and three dancing witches of Stanwyck…!  

Written by Guy Zimmerman
Directed by Juli Crockett
Produced by Gabrieal Griego

Shaughn Buchholz
Jenny Greer
Isabella Boose
Henita Telo

Music by Michael Feldman
Set Designer Melissa Ficociello
Lighting Designer Bri Pattillo
Choreographer Jessica Emmanuel
Stage Manager Amanda Garcia


Preview: Thursday, 1/17 at 8p
Performances: 1/18 – 1/27
Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm
Sundays at 7 pm

Preview – $12
Performances – $25

Ticketing –

Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles
1238 W 1st St, 
Los Angeles, CA 90026

***PARKING NOTE***There is street parking (free) around the theater and a couple of parking lots (paid) one block east of The Shakespeare Center on Beaudry Ave. between 1st and 2nd.

It is strongly suggested to leave plenty of time to find parking. Or consider utilizing a rideshare app, such as Lyft.