Girl on a Bed (Film)

In Girl on a Bed a young drug user, Danny Boy (Andy Hopper), wakes to find himself in a room with the body of a girl who has died of a heroin overdose. This is Laura (played by Niamh McCormally) a sensitive and intelligent American teen. To Danny’s horror, he recognizes Laura from a pornographic movie that was playing on the TV earlier. Frightened into sobriety, Danny tells his father (Gary) the harrowing story of the girl. A few days later Danny himself is shot dead in a local park, apparently at random. The deaths of these two young people send Gary (Christopher Allport) on a search for meaning across a sun-drenched Southern California landscape haunted by ghosts.

Using innovative staging, photographic and editing techniques, and a talented ensemble of actors, director Guy Zimmerman gives playwright Murray Mednick’s evocative text visceral impact. The movie features unique production design by Jeffrey Atherton, who also works closely with D.P. Scott Galinsky to bring Gary’s inner world to life on screen. Cutting-edge editor Jed Parker completes the creative team. Girl on a Bed was produced by Guy Zimmerman and T Keaton-Woods.

Girl on a Bed

Original Music composed by: Don Preston

Additional music by: Arvo Part, Olivier Messiaen, Martha Mooke, Inara George,
Thee Eyes and Oliver Future


Gary: Christopher Allport
Laura: Niamh McCormally
Danny: Andy Hopper
Rondell: Hugh Dane
Antonio: David Carrera
Marcia/Gloria/Mrs. Williams: Shannon Holt
Dr. Jones: Gray Palmer
Monica: Shawna Casey
Charles: Jack Kehler
Rena: Devon Carson


Written by: Murray Mednick
Directed by: Guy Zimmerman
Produced by: Guy Zimmerman & T Keaton-Woods
Line Producer/Production Manager: Dayla Corcoran
1st AD: Leslie Kyle Becker
Director of Photography: Scott Galinsky
Director of Photography: Jeffrey Atherton
1st AC: Michael Kershner
2nd AC: Adam Instefjord
Production Designer: Jeffrey Atherton
Sound Mixer: Mondo Vila
1st Boom Operator: Craig Wade
2nd Boom Operator: Hector Quevedo
Additonal Sound Mixing: Robert Oriol
Gaffer: Ignacio “Nacho” Trujillo
Key Grip: Daniel Cutroneo
Grip: John Toom
Grip: Lance Oyabu
Script Supervisor: Rosalyne A. Smith
Costume Designer: Erin Farrell
Asst Costumer: Chad McNutt
Make-Up Artist/Hair Stylist: Amy L. Forsythe
Properties Mistress: Kathryn L. Bucher
Properties Coordinator: Marta Jennings
RP Playback Supervisor: William John Sims
Editor: Jed Parker
Graphics and Titles: La Mer Walker
Key Set PA: Devon Carson
Rear Projections Editor: Kathleen Abing
Production Assistant: Edward Schlesinger
Steadicam Operator: Jon Myers S.O.C.
Stills: Neil A. France
Strike Crew: Joe Wolf
Evan Pesses
David Gamble
Catering by: John Woodard Catering

“Fratres” by Arvo Part
Performed by Don Preston and Harry Scorzo

“Praise Eternity” by Olivier Messiaen
Performed by Don Preston and Harry Scorzo

“Drifting” and “Winds of Arden”
Written and Performed by Martha Mooke

“No Poem” and “Everybody Knows”
Written and Performed by Inara George

“Nice Nice Nice”
Written and Performed by Thee Eyes

“Slow Down Slow Down”
Written and Performed by Oliver Future

Music Supervisor: Jed Parker

Special thanks to Norbert Weisser and Morgan Weisser.

Special Thanks also
Will Urie, David “Bubba” Jarrell, Robert Sharp, Reece Glover, Payton Ewing, Alicia Hoge, Jason Adams, Tom Robertson, Screen Actors Guild, Kish of Kish Optics, Steve Melton, Joan Zierler, Joel Shapiro, Miranda Morton Yap, Aletia Ferreira, Ken Wolf, Jenny Bright, Michael Hacker, The Electric Lodge, Neil A. France, Michael Plesh, Neil Hurwitz, Bega Metzner, Keegan Shea, Steve Anker, Mark Litwak, Kathleen Abing, Matt and Jason at the ATO House.