10 Minute Plays Set in a Loft

“The Diagnosis” written and directed by Coleman Hough
with Mary C. Greening, Christine Romeo and David Weininger
Location: Ground Floor, Front of Freight Elevator

“Numerology” written and directed by Cheryl Slean
with Devon Carson, Hugh Dane and Mark Adair Rios
Location: Ground Floor Area

“Body City 3: Edgecity” A Dance Piece, by Body City
with Katie Bachler, Madeline Baugh, Betsy Hume, Lake Sharp and Meagan Yeallot
Location: Front Stairway

“1:58 AM” written and directed by Sharon Yablon
with Kim Debus and Gill Gayle
Location: Second Floor Wall

“Greever and Pronk” written and directed by Hank Bunker with Trace Turville
Location: Second Floor Sitting Area

“Pink” written and directed by Guy Zimmerman
with Andy Hopper, Niamh McCormally and Mickey Swenson
Location: Second Floor Bar